Make Wise Financial Investments

The investment market has been bumpy recently. You need to be smart to address how to save for the future even when times are tough economically. Here we look at some tried and tested investment options.

Building your wealth

Making your savings grow and being able to retire when and how you want is one of your most important financial objectives. But achieving this goal takes planning and perseverance.

Financial planning for life

Financial circumstances and priorities change over the years. Make sure you talk to a financial advisor to help you make well-informed decisions to ensure that you and your family are following the best strategies for achieving your goals.

Planning for retirement

For many people their retirement plans have been devastated by the fall of the stock market in the first decade of the new millennium, reduction in property values and the fall in interest and annuity rates. What chance now of a ‘comfortable retirement’?

ISA allowances

Details of investment maximums for ISAs including the Junior ISA.

Buy-to-let properties

Investing in buy-to-let properties has been a popular choice over the last 10 years. Some investors, deterred by the ups and downs of the stock market, invest in property although of course the property market fluctuates too.

Individual savings accounts (ISAs)

An ISA is a tax-free investment vehicle. When you invest into an ISA, your income and gains from the investments are free from income tax and capital gains tax.


These schemes provide considerable tax reliefs, although, as ever, professional advice must be sought before making investments that qualify for these reliefs.

Alternative investments

When it comes to investing, there is more to life than ISA s, stocks and shares. Alternative investments have risen in popularity in recent times,  especially those who have money to invest and do not wish to invest in the stock market or property, and those with an interest in collecting more tangible assets, such as antiques or works of art, could find that their investments yield higher returns that the stock market.

Tax efficient investments

Including ISAs, pension contributions, Enterprise investment scheme (EIS), Seed enterprise investment scheme (SEID) and Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs).

Tax on savings income

Savings income (which includes all types of interest) paid net is taxed usually at source at 20%. Dividends on UK  equities carry a (non repayable) tax credit of 10%. The intention is that only higher rate taxpayers should have to pay any additional tax, although ‘starting rate’ and non-taxpayers may be entitled to claim a tax refund.

Capital gains tax EIS deferral relief

Tax relief for re-investment of gains in qualifying schemes was introduced to stimulate investment in small businesses, and was incorporated into the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), as EIS deferral relief.