Personal Wealth Strategies

This comprehensive guide provides important information for your financial planning both in the short and long term.

Proper tax and financial planning can reduce or defer the tax you pay, freeing up more of your cash for investment, business or personal purposes. This is particularly poignant as the ongoing sluggish economy and the potential destabilising financial threats from some countries in the eurozone continue to impact on our plans and finances.

Planning is the starting point for growing your wealth and building financial security so that you are as prepared and secure as possible when market and/or financial reverses occur.

This extensive guide outlines some of our thoughts and basic strategies that you might like to discuss with us for the current tax year. There is no substitute for personal advice – we are committed to helping you to plan and prosper.

An introduction to tax planning

Tax planning is the legal process of arranging your affairs to minimise a tax liability, and with more than 200 such provisions specifically written into tax law, there are many areas in which planning can deliver tax savings.

Financial planning for life

Financial circumstances and priorities change over the years. Make sure you talk to a financial advisor to help you make well-informed decisions to ensure that you and your family are following the best strategies for achieving your goals.

Planning for you and your family

No matter what your age, personal or financial status, you will have dreams, and expectations. With the impact of the ongoing flat economy also necessitating further review, we can advise and help you plan how to make your goals a reality.

Tax planning for businesses

If you are thinking of starting a business, you should consider, among other factors, the impact of being the business owner on all areas of your life and the degree of risk involved. Devising a strong business plan is essential to aid and help you navigate the direction of the business.

Tax and leaving your business

The impact of the economic downturn has damaged many people’s financial aspirations and, as a result, every business owner should have a personal exit strategy in case of unexpected circumstances.

Tax and employment

Many people can go for years paying too much (or, perhaps more worryingly, too little) tax. It is important to know exactly how much you are paying or you could face repercussions later.

Tax and the company car

Details of how the tax system works with company cars.

Planning for retirement

For many people their retirement plans have been devastated by the fall of the stock market in the first decade of the new millennium, reduction in property values and the fall in interest and annuity rates. Many may question what chance there is of a ‘comfortable retirement’?

Building your wealth

Making your savings grow and being able to retire when and how you want is one of your most important financial objectives. But achieving this goal takes planning and perseverance.

Estate planning

Estate planning should start early in life. Land and property is subject to inheritance tax, planning and a well drafted Will can ensure that your assets will go to your chosen beneficiaries.

Charitable giving

Gifts to charity can take many forms. In this special supplement to our guide we will focus on some of the ways you can increase the value of your gift to your chosen charities through the various forms of tax relief available.