Three major business costs to know as a start up

Five major business costs to know as a start up

The most  commonly forgotten costs in business start-ups

Starting up a business is an exciting time, so it is important that you know all your costs to ensure you do not run into any unexpected surprises.

Here are the top five things that will take up a big part of your budget: 

  • Office Space
  • Cleaning
  • Office furniture and supplies

Paying for office space

Of course one of the most important factors of your business will be where you run it from.

While it is an important feature of any business, the costs can often build-up, with owners forgetting how much they have to pay for their office space. Office space rent often enters the thousands price mark so this should be one of the top priorities on your budget.

There are many tools to help you compare and find an office space at the right price for you

The cost of your office will depend on the kind you choose. Most Serviced offices offer services such as cleaning, phones and networks so you don’t have to worry about finding these for yourself.

While this can have time-saving benefits, the rent for these offices are remarkably higher and the additional services you are paying for may not be necessary or worth the price.

Cleaning Costs

Cleaning is usually provided by a serviced office, so business owners who are used to this may forget that they may have to pay for their own cleaning service in their new office.

When looking for a cleaning service, you should look for one that offers value for money in their quality cleaning services, like these office cleaners Croydon who do just that.

Hiring commercial cleaners is necessary in any business as it is a health and safety requirement that your employees work in a clean and safe environment. See more here.

Furniture and supplies

There are now hundreds of low-cost office supply stores available online. While these are great for basics like pens, pads and postage supplies, it is important that your office is comfortable, both for you and your employees.

This means you may want to invest in higher quality furniture and equipment. By having high-quality equipment and a comfortable working environment, you will most definitely improve the running of the business. Find out how.